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WE are in AD100

No list in the world is more important to the architecture of the AD100.

For the June 2021 issue, Architectural Digest Italia has also published the list for the first time. He wanted to create it by choosing 100 games changers in the world. Those people who work in a creative and revolutionary way, who with their talent and passion are changing the habits and rules of living. With their modern design ideas, new 3D printing methods and attention to green, they will take the world of architecture beyond borders.

Pedretti was also chosen for this important ranking.

Being published in a world-famous magazine such as AD and above all being considered among the 100 that are changing and will change the ways of seeing and creating pieces of furniture and design, is a dream come true.

This publication makes us understand that we are on the right path and that the pursuit of excellence, attention to the environment and the link with the tradition of Italian know-how are and will be the future of design.


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