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"LAPIS" preview

Aggiornamento: 8 giu 2021

Imagine a trail through the magical mountains in the Italian Alps. You are surrounded by green valleys, at the top of the mountains you see a wonderful glacier and not to far from there is a gorgeous waterfall, that roars. During a hike you find a typical bench along the way, those wooden benches built from three trunks that are usually located halfway to allow you to rest for a while or admire the fantastic landscape.

Panchina di montagna

Luca, an Italian architect of the Superluna studio, has lived this experience many times and it is precisely from here that he was inspired to design the “LAPIS” collection. Produced by Simone Pedretti, it is inspired by the architecture of the area and the Italian Alps to create design objects made with unique stones and a very strong link with what surrounds us. The TRIGA, one of the work in the collection, is our contemporary representation of that typical mountain bench. The seat surface, which in the original is made by old larch or fir wood, is replaced by a precious and very rare petrified wood available in two colours that the costumers can choose: brown or black. The details of this material are simply fantastic. On the brown one, sometimes you can see the grain of the wood, the knots or even the years of growth of the plant. Instead, in the black one you can find wonderful inclusions of quartz, calcite and other particular minerals. The trunks at the base of the old bench, on the other hand, are replaced by two hollow cylinders in three different types of metals made by craftsmen from northern Italy. The costumer can choos between the golden metal which, with its straw gold colour, is combined, for example, with brown petrified wood. Micaceous iron is a cold, industrial and almost raw iron, which could be combined with black petrified wood. The etched brass, which thanks to its strong and dark colour, with mirrored shades, perfectly matches both colours of the stone.

This is just one of the three masterpieces of the “LAPIS” collection, which will be released in the next few months. Stay tuned.

Triga designed by Luca Sartori
Triga designed by Luca Sartori

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