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Austria chalet

In the beautiful setting of the Austrian Alps, within a fairy-tale landscape colored by peaks and lakes, the project of this villa is a gem for the eyes.As we can see, its interior with warm and welcoming tones, are a pleasure for the eyes of those who live there.
The furniture, created ad hoc by interior designer Ashley Gadeova, houses the unique pieces of the LAPIS collection, by the all-Italian brand signed Pedretti.The petrified wood blends perfectly with nature and mountain places, and is able to give that touch of originality to the rooms that go to live.In this salon we can see how warm tones predominate from the scent of home. The fire of the fireplace is reflected on the brass of the CIOCÁT, the tables of the collection, and everything in the room, seems in balance: shapes and colors.
In the space of the room rests the TRIGA, bench of the collection, perfect to observe the magnificent view beyond the window. And last but not least, is the library named SFOIA, which is inspired by the trunk of the trees of the landscape around.The LAPIS collection is the perfect combination of beauty and uniqueness. Able to enrich the most prestigious rooms, with its sinuous shapes and the petrified wood it is made of, it is the guarantee that the design world needed.

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