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For its collections, Pedretti searches extremely rare stones that no other furniture company uses. 


Petrified wood is extremely rare and forms only in certain circumstances during the period between jurassic and triassic, 200 million years ago, strong vulcanic eruptions, buried the trees of some forests, lying beneath the ash these trees were conserved, year after year absorbing minerals, that transformed them into stone.
Today we extract these tree trunks and import them to Italy, where they are transformed into the art work of our designers.
Whilst extracting these tree trunks we look for the owes wich are particulary precious and exclusive as to offer our clients an unique piece.
Every tree trunks has unique characteristics, which makes it impossible to tell the colour beforehand, and for this reason our collection can only be relatively chosen .



The Dolomites are a series of mountain groups in the Italian Eastern Alps. They consist predominantly of Dolomia stone, a feature that makes these mountains unique and special. This peculiar mineral gives the Dolomites their characteristic pale grey hue making them so fascinating and mysterious. Dolomites are also well-known for the spectacular phenomenon that turn them into red and pink shades when surrounded by particular light conditions.

Dolomia stone is the predominant material that distinguishes our Continuum collection.


We can search and find almost any stone in the world. Our research team is in contact with the best quarriers worldwide and is able to search for the most unique and rare materials from around the world.for custom projects.

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