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Artisanal Quality Solutions and Unique Customization in Natural Stone

The brand, founded in 2020 by Simone Pedretti, has its roots in the picturesque Valpolicella, with Trentino origins. Guided by a cultural vision, we are committed to enhancing and protecting the riches of these places, extending Italian craftsmanship through generations.

Our philosophy is based on environmental awareness: we produce less, but with higher quality. The Pedretti family has been involved in stone processing in Northern Italy since the early 1900s. Simone, heir to this tradition, launched his brand with the aim of continuing the excellence of Italian design, typical of small businesses.

To achieve this goal, we seek the most suitable stones for our clients worldwide. AD Italia has recognized Pedretti among the 30 new brands projecting the craftsmanship of the future and among the game changers of the AD100.

What we do ?

Our curated range of furnishings includes both catalog products crafted by our designers and custom-made, personalized solutions, showcasing our expertise in material research and fabrication techniques. We collaborate with the finest artisans to ensure quality and attention to detail in every piece. We are committed to offering solutions both exclusively in natural stone for flooring, cladding, and interior design, and to creating pieces that combine stone with other materials such as kitchens, tables, coffee tables, and other furnishing solutions, keeping stone as the protagonist but integrating it with other materials when necessary. We work directly with our clients' architects to seamlessly integrate the requested products and fulfill the client's dream.

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