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Pedretti - The art of furnishing with unique stone

We are the first Italian company that realizes high quality furniture with the use of unique stones.

Pedretti Home, founded by Simone Pedretti in 2020 is based in Valpolicella, Italy. The brands exists with a cultural plan to value and protect the wealth of a region, by extending artisanal craft through the generations. A consciousness to respect the environment, producing less but of the utmost quality, is entrenched in their philosophy. 
Since the early 1900s, the Pedretti family has been a protagonist in stone processing in the region. Simone, using his know how from the family business, launched Pedretti Home with the mission to continue the excellence of Italian design.   
To reach the goal of Pedretti the most rare and unique stones in the world are used.
The debut collection Lapis, launching throughout 2021, tells of the Trentino territory, (Simone's land of origin) with a contemporary key. Born from the encounter between manual skills and design, the young designer Luca Sartori from the studio Superluna has transformed the fascinating and precious petrified wood in a collection of furnishings most unique and fine.
Pedretti Home is the first company to use petrified wood for furnishings, achieving in Lapis the ultimate sophistication - where simplicity, purity of line and an emphasis on materials converge to express a timeless elegance. AD Italia includes Pedretti as one of the 30 new brands who project the craftsmanship of the future and among the AD100 game changers.

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