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Italianness, ethic and tradition

Our three values: Italianness, ethic and tradition.

The architectural beauty of the past is everywhere in this country, something so rare, from various eras, beginning from the ancient, to middle ages and renaissance 600 b.c.,700 b.c. and 800 b.c., up to the present. This is rare, as in other countries there are also work of art, from certain periods only. In Italy every generation in 25 centuries has been able to create such wonders that make us proud to be italian giving us the incentive to value and protect this wealth, and above all, continue this tradition.

For this reason, our mission is to be recognized as a point of reference for Italian design, creating furnishings and solutions for interior design through the use of unique stones and handmade craftsmanship while respecting the environment and the people who work with us, producing less but with more quality.

Simone Pedretti

Simone Pedretti

CEO & Founder

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