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The Ciucat in Trentino dialect is a wood stump that is usually used as a base for breaking wood. Over the years these pieces of wood gradually became seats where in the past the shepherds sat down to tell stories in front of the fireplace.


Luca Sartori, who has had a house in the mountains for many years, wanted to represent this log in a modern way. Reconstructing the top with petrified wood and metal bark.

Finally, four spherical metal wheels have been inserted with the same finish as the coffee table, allowing it to move freely.

There are three standard coffee tables, the stool, the side table and the coffee table.



Legno pietrificato marrone (l'immagine può essere differente dalla realtà).png

Brown petrified wood, 30.000.000 years

Legno pietrificato nero (l'immagine può essere differente dalla realtà).png

Black petrified wood, 30.000.000 years

Metallo dorato.png
Ferro micaceo.png
Ottone acidato.png

Golden metal

Micaceo iron

Acid brass

The pictures are only representative of the finishes, each piece is unique and its features can change.

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