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Imagine. This is your home. On Colorado's mountains, a beautiful mansion overlooks the glacier. You are here, admiring a breathtaking landscape enchanted by the beauty of nature surrounding your house. How extraordinary it is to admire a marvel made by nature. How precious to have one of these marvels in your home. Our TRIGA bench highlights one of the most exquisite materials created by mother nature: petrified wood. Petrified wood is an extremely rare stone formed only under certain circumstances in a process millions of years long. In specific geographic locations, buried trees absorbed the surrounding minerals for millennia until their trunks transformed into stone. Each log has unique characteristics depending on the minerals absorbed. No two pieces are alike. Our timeless design elevates this material to the next level, featuring a slab of petrified wood floating weightless on two brass cylinders. A true masterpiece realized in Italy with the expertise of our skilled artisans. Here, two coordinated TRIGA benches fill the space with elegance in the corridor facing the mountain. The polished marble flooring reflects their geometric shapes, while the sophisticated wainscoting made of rosewood completes the look of the stunning interior design. Imagine. All this can be yours.


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