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The name Sfoia comes from the dialect of Trentino "Sfoiar" that is to browse. The idea is to represent with half metal moons a very important part of the tree the book apunto. The book is the part between the bark and the center of the plant that brings the sap to the leaves.

pedrettihome-1425 giugno.jpg
pedrettihome-725 giugno.jpg

These half metal moons are connected to each other with magnificent petrified wooden tops to remind the wood of the plant.

Everything is embellished with small niches inlaid on the floors, as if they were chests where to support our most important things.

pedrettihome-1525 giugno.jpg


Legno pietrificato marrone (l'immagine può essere differente dalla realtà).png

Brown petrified wood, 30.000.000 years

Legno pietrificato nero (l'immagine può essere differente dalla realtà).png

Black petrified wood  30.000.000 years

Metallo dorato.png
Ferro micaceo.png
Ottone acidato.png

Golden metal

Micaceo Iron

Acid Brass

The images are only representative of the finishes, each piece is unique and its characteristics can change a lot.

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