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The Triga, is a word that comes from the Trentino dialect "trigar" that is "rest".

This particular bench is based on the typical benches found on the mountain trails in the Alps.


These benches are usually made with two trunks that serve as a base and an upper axis that serves as a seat.

The designer Luca Sartori wanted to reformulate this traditional Alpine object in a modern key to enhance the provenance of the Pedretti brand. The use of petrified wood recalls the real wood that in the past was used for their realization.



Legno pietrificato marrone (l'immagine può essere differente dalla realtà).png

Brown petrified wood, 30.000.000 years

Legno pietrificato nero (l'immagine può essere differente dalla realtà).png

Black petrified wood 30.000.000 years

Metallo dorato.png
Ferro micaceo.png
Ottone acidato.png

Golden metal

Micaceo Iron

Acid brass

The images are only representative of the finishes, each piece is unique and its characteristics can change a lot.

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