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Dubai Offices

Imagine one of the most influential holding companies in Asia: banks, restaurant chains, energy, construction, and private transportation by planes and helicopters. We furnished their headquarters in Dubai. Designed by Italian designers Andrea D'anca and Ignazio Lo Manto, the Emirati headquarters of the group certainly does not want to go unnoticed. Spread over approximately 1300 m2 on the twentieth floor of the Conrad Business Tower, its location is in the heart of the business district of the Arab city.

Specifically, Pedretti furnished the relaxation area of ​​the President's office, providing a set of three CIOCATs to enrich this convivial space. In addition, the bar was custom made with a Cristal flower stone, a highly sought-after South American stone. Finally, we can find an open book wall made with our exclusive Nacarado quartzite. Moving to the VIP living room, customers waiting to be received can rest on our TRIGA bench while sipping a drink.

Visual credits: Davide Curci

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