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9 most special design objects according to IFDM

The prestigious IFDM magazine is a reference point for furniture and design that can make a difference. Today it is present in many important events related to furniture and is a reference point for all those who are interested in the world of luxury design.

The continuous update of IFDM allows professionals to stay informed about the latest news and, in this regard, we are pleased to say that the Pedretti Brand was included in the magazine, in December. A very important mention, since the LAPIS collection was listed among the 9 most special design products of the year.

This time IFDM wanted to give importance to all those objects that reflect ideals related to reuse and sustainability and for this reason, the bench TRIGA, inspired by the benches where the shepherds rested during the pastures, moved the magazine.

This is a goal to be proud of, especially if it is a brand like that of Simone Pedretti. A brand born recently that represents the dream of young people who have decided to follow their dreams.

The LAPIS collection shares this space on IFDM along with other world famous brands such as, for example, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.

We hope that this is only the beginning of a long path of specialization and uniqueness that, with so much passion, Pedretti home has decided to undertake and that we hope, can take the company away.

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