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How a unique work is made.

Everything in the world has its own story and some secrets to tell, today you will discover that of our works.

It all starts in Indonesia, one of the most geologically interested states in Southeast Asia where our craftsmen go in search of petrified wood, which will serve for the realization of our particular design creations. It is here that we carefully look for that right piece that can finally become one of our creations.

When the trunk is finally identified and extracted, it is brought to Italy in our atelier in the middle of the green hills of Valpollicella, among Garda Lake, the wonderful city of Verona and our beloved Alps which inspired Luca Sartori in designing the fantastic “Lapis” collection.

This is where Matteo, the artist who transforms these works of nature, makes an important decision. Based on the unique characteristics of each piece, Matteo study the best way to transform it into a design element. It is essential to understand the material and decide how to work it to enhance its characteristics to the maximum. This is craftsmanship.

The path that every small table, bench or piece of furniture takes, is totally customized according to the natural characteristics of the trunk from which it comes. It is the craftsman who chooses whether to work with machinery, tools or simply by hand. It is always the craftsman with his infinite original, artistic and precise ideas who with great care finds the most appropriate way to make the most exclusive peculiarities of petrified wood.

It is fantastic to find this style of craftsmanship in our works even today. Thanks to the tradition, the search of new materials and unique people in the world, we are able to give our end customers a truly unique in the world.

The craftsmanship is to create element by element and not to treat the material in a serial way.

Each work has its history, its life and its future.

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