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We are in a very particular historical moment and we are in an extremely saturated sector in which many companies are already doing everything. We are talking about design; a highly competitive sector compared to others, where there is the constant search for innovation.

As time went by, we wondered what we knew how to do, and the answer was: to work stone. Our family heritage has passed on passion for this and, in the design world, it was exactly what we had to carry on.

So we decided to use this position to our advantage, by inserting ourselves within one of the two macro-sectors of this world. The first is that of the upholstered and the second is that of the wood. In all brands, in fact, you can see the creation of sofas, tables, and complements that are found everywhere.

Our initial idea has always been to create something different and I think this is the real secret to have, not only success, but also to feel satisfied with your work. But we know that there are already some companies that do it. So what was the solution that we of the Pedretti brand have arrived at? The specialization.

It is the key to improving oneself and to making one’s own work something really different. Precisely for this reason we decided to specialize, even more, within a little-known sector that has not yet been explored: that of the unique and sought-after stones. So we’re committed to going around the world looking for all those unique, most exclusive stones. The advice we feel to give, being a young brand, is to try to do what others do not. This is crucial in an industry as competitive as design.

Even if often in Italy young people struggle to enter the world in the work, we want to maintain a positive attitude and we recommend to always do something really special and to be good at communicating it. The customer must be satisfied and amazed, giving him something special created especially for him.

For this reason our production is limited and it is made for all those people who want for their home or for their place of interest, something truly exclusive. A bit like those car connoisseurs who will never go from the classic car looking for its limited version, but will look for another car manufacturer that only the most experienced can know and appreciate.

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